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Click HERE for the birthday party brochure or to request a brochure of the complete party details, send an email to sk8@valarena.com

NO CAKES, "CUPCAKE FORMED CAKES" or ICE CREAM CAKES.  We will return to our original policy of individual dessert items such as individual cupcakes, brownies, donuts or cookies due to the additional time and cost for cutting, plating, and serving cakes that was not factored into the cost or the agenda for the birthday party packages.  We will continue to form the child's "age" with these items on the cart and have the birthday circle in the center of the rink.

The price per each extra child over the 24 covered in the package will be $9.  The price for additional guests who skate who are not included with the 24 children will be $5.

Book parties on-line by sending an email to sk8@valarena.com